The Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) allows you to deposit and withdraw money using the machine. Most Banks in Guyana operate ATMs. If you have a savings account with these banks you are offered this service. Once you accept this service you are issued with a debit card by the bank which you can use to deposit money into and withdraw money from your bank account using the ATM. You are also issued with a unique pin number which should be known only to you.

  If someone knows your pin number and has access to your debit card, then they can withdraw money from your account.

Depositing at the ATM:

  • Envelopes are provided at the ATM to put in the money/cheque(s) to be deposited.
  • You insert the card and punch in your pin number.
  • The machine will guide you on the process for depositing your funds.
  • A receipt is usually issued by the machine at the end of the transaction.

The funds may not be credited to your account until the next day, since the bank will need to count the money in the envelope to ensure it is accurate. Cheques deposited may take up to three days before the funds can become available.

Withdrawing from the ATM:

  • You insert the card and punch in the pin number.
  • The machine will guide you through the process for withdrawing cash.
  • At the end of the transaction a receipt is issued showing the amount withdrawn and the balance in your account. Some machines only issue the receipt if you request it.

There is a limited amount that can be withdrawn per transaction per day. The amount varies among the banks. 

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