Your yearly return on investment. It‟s often stated as a percentage, such as 5%. With stocks, yield can be your yearly income from dividends. With bonds, it‟s the interest you get.

A legal paper that sets out what you want to happen to your money, property, and other assets after your death. A will can also set out plans to take care of your children or other family members who count on you financially.

A special type of cheque that you buy in set amounts, such as $100,000. They‟re a safe way to carry money when you travel. You can use them at hotels, stores, and more. If they are lost or stolen, you can replace them quickly, almost anywhere in the world.

An investment where you lend your money to the federal government or some provinces for a set period of time (the term). It does not pay interest. Instead, you buy Tbills at a price below what the government will give you at the end of the term.

A service that lets you do your banking over the telephone. Uses a computerized system where you choose options by pressing numbers on your phone keypad. To keep your account secure, you must use a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

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